On what seemed like a summer night in the fall, warm but enjoyable, the Pasadena City College Salsa club hosted their seasonal event called “A Candela Halloween” which combined both salsa dancing and spooky costumes for PCC students interested in getting down on the dance floor right before Halloween. Before the party even started students stood outside taking pictures of each other’s costumes and meeting up with friends to prepare for the event. Then when the event started and several students headed for the doors as soon as they swung open to let students in.

This is the only time of the year where you can dress up anyway you want and salsa dance until your little heart’s content with life. “A Candela Halloween” started off with a bang with the loud Spanish music blasting through the walls of the Creveling Lounge of the CC building in PCC which would could be heard throughout the whole building.

There was a table set up in front of the doors to check students in and sitting at the table was two salsa club members. Sophomore salsa club member Nicole Figueroa and Sophomore ICC Rep Dafne Flores who were both holding down the entrance being the gatekeeper as you will.

Both Figueroa and Flores expressed some thoughts on the event. They both had some insight on how Halloween and Salsa dancing worked well together.

“The reason why these two ideas work so well together is because they both bring in the aspects of socializing and having a good time,” Figueroa said. “Also it is more convenient for students who need something to do during the week that is free.”

Students were encouraged to come dressed in costumes and they did not disappoint. Some in full blown costumes such as those full T-rex costumes, IT characters and some just in regular clothes but costumes felt right for the salsa event weirdly enough.

“Costumes make salsa dancing more exciting as you’re in the spirit of Halloween,” said Figueroa. “What makes it even more fun is that since salsa dancing is with multiple people the costumes give it that extra touch.”

The dance floor was filled with multiple people vibing to the different salsa songs playing. Students walked in and out as the night drained away. Even students who were not familiar with salsa dancing were surprised with how simple it looked.

“Salsa dancing could be fun and very easy to pick up with the basics being taught to you.” said Figueroa.

One student Freshman Alex Sierra a student who attended the event, expressed his thoughts on the night when the event was winding down.

“It just felt right mixing salsa and Halloween together,” Sierra said. “I haven’t had this much fun in a while.”


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