“Sex!” a student yelled out in response to the question, what is funk? These are the types of topics discussed in the History of Rock class.

According to Music Instructor Ray Briggs, the class is non-traditional and includes Briggs singing and showing videos to help the students understand the impact of the music.

“I am interested in the deeper story of rock, which is the class talking about the history of America,” said Briggs.

The students are taught about the history of rock ‘n’ roll, but it is important for the instructors to talk about the bigger picture of what rock music has done for the country according to Briggs.

“Rock ‘n’ roll helps define and change our society,” Music Instructor Brandon Bernstein said. An example of this, Bernstein said, is that the music in the 1950s was PG rated and as music evolved it helped people give more identity to themselves.

Bernstein teaches that music has made an impact on many of the perspectives throughout history such as, the civil rights movement, the women’s movement and awareness of police brutality. “I don’t think there is a genre of music that has the power of rock ‘n’ roll,” said Bernstein.

The class seems to benefit students in different ways. “I am open to listening to more music. I listen to everything now,” said Averell Jones, Nursing.

“The class explains why you like the music that you like,” said Estaban De Leon, History. “I learned how music influenced the world,”

The class doesn’t benefit only the students but the instructors too. “I enjoy teaching students that rock music didn’t just fall out of the sky, it evolved,” said Music Instructor Kyle Luck.

According to Briggs, Bernstein and Luck the class is interactive, consisting of videos,  and music. “Instead of students memorizing dates, I teach that music can make a difference,” said Bernstein.

“A band even came to play in one of the classes,” said De Leon

“It is a very small world and the history of rock ‘n’ roll can teach you things you didn’t know,” said Babak Sanei, Pharmacy

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