PCC marketing students joined forces with UCLA to host the Music That Matters event in order to increase awareness of the decline of music and the arts in our educational institutions late last month.

Led by marketing instructors Javon Frazier and Bobby Borg, the event, which has been taking place twice a year since 2003, was held in a small venue in Los Angeles where UCLA students performed and students of the marketing 20 class passionately promoted the significance of music and the arts.

Julio Arellano, marketing, student in the course and member of the marketing club on campus spoke about the purpose of the club, “We try to create more awareness for the marketing club at PCC, and we are also trying to create a cause that is meaningful to people,” said Arellano.

Another marketing 20 student, Martha Aguinaga, explained the standards on which the club is based, “Our mission is to brand, support and promote programs within the student and surrounding communities,” Aguinaga said.

Arellano also elaborated on the importance of music in educational institutions, “Music is essential. It’s part of life, what we relate to and how we communicate,” Arellano said. “It’s a universal language. It’s everything.”

Though the essence of the event was to bring awareness to the significant decrease in music and arts programs in schools, Marketing Instructor Bobby Borg explained another important aspect of the event. “The whole class got started based on a book that I wrote for Billboard Books, and that book came out of a need that I discovered as a musician myself that a lot of artists do not understand the business aspect of the music,” Borg said.

As a marketing course participating hosting a music event, it was important for Instructors Frazier and Borg to teach their students the opposite side of the coin as well.

“Students understand that music is an art, but they do not understand that making money from it is a business,” Borg said.

Music That Matters was not only an event that supported an important cause for many, it was also an opportunity for students to acquire real world experience on how the music business works.

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