Students sashayed up and down the runway at the fourth annual Drag Show in Harbeson Hall on Thursday.

Melvin Moreno, aka Monae, won the $300 grand prize at PCC's drag show Thursday, April 17, 2014 in Harbeson hall. (Charles Winners/Courier)
Melvin Moreno, aka Monae, won the $300 grand prize at PCC’s drag show Thursday, April 17, 2014 in Harbeson hall.
(Charles Winners/Courier)

Hosted by Associated Student Vice President for Cultural Diversity, Auriana Duffy and Student Trustee, Simon Fraser, the night of festivities included lip-syncing performances, runway shows and performances from special guest Shangela Laquifa, comedian and former contestant on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The show opened with lip-syncing performances from Janel Thompson, Rico and Shane, Monae and many other students. Monae stood out the most from the group of performers for her stage presence and ability to work the crowd.

After the student performances, the crowd began to chant Shangela’s catchphrase “halleloo” to call upon the special guest. But, like all divas, she was fashionably late.

After Shangela’s first performance, the winner of the show was chosen by the crowd. Monae was undoubtedly the crowd favorite and left with a $300 prize.

“I really enjoyed everyone’s performances and the runway,” audience member Juan Palma said. “My favorite performance was Monae. She really put everything into it and made it fun.”

“I didn’t expect to win,” Melvin “Monae” Moreno added. “It was my first time doing drag, I was very fortunate to win.”

In between the lip-syncing, dancing and laughter were a few serious and thoughtful moments. At that time Fraser spoke about the “safe zones” around campus, a place where students can go to be away from judgment and comfortable being themselves.

Shangela closed out the evening with an energetic performance to a mix of Beyoncé hits.

“This little girl is going to go back to kindergarten thinking she saw Beyoncé,” Shangela said about a child in the audience.

The drag show brought together all types of people for a night of fun. It was a place for students to get dressed up, be themselves and have a great time.

“I didn’t really care about winning,” Moreno said. “The most important thing was to have fun and support everyone that was there.”

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