The work of contemporary artist Alexei Jawlensky is so unique one cannot help but admire the creative blend of colors and distorted figures that come alive upon the canvas.Only a few miles away from PCC, the Norton Simon Museum opens a world of creativity.

In his ‘Japanese Flower’, Jawlensky paints a woman standing next to a vase filled with flowers. Using color and a unique measure of shapes, he distorts the painting and makes it look like the vase is larger than the woman.

Although it is odd in proportion, the seemingly faceless woman combined with the other elements in the piece compel the viewer to think while enjoying the painting as a whole.

An exhibit featuring the work of this twentieth century artist is on display at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. Featuring over 100 pieces from this artist alone, the exhibit will continue until Nov. 5.

Using the same blend of colors, his Blossoming Girl presents a young woman that almost contrasts with the title. With greens, reds, yellows and blue, Jawlensky distorts the image with his use of color, especially around the eyes, giving the woman a dark, almost black outline.

The eyes hidden within this outline, stare directly at the viewer in a dark, concealing fashion. Around the darkened image of the woman however, Jawlensky uses a white lining that contrasts the other colors in the piece, creating an interesting, thought provoking work of art.

His ‘Savior’s Face: Starlight’ is somewhat different from his other pieces as there is a dominant shade of white used throughout. The image presents a woman closing her eyes and saying nothing with her mouth, painted as nothing more than a line.

Yet, even through the linearity of this piece, the subtle uses of red, yellow and orange allow the viewer to absorb, see and possibly even experience the melancholic undertones of the piece.

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