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Aspiring members of “Bellafontaine” understand there is more to music than just fame. Adding to the artistic diversity of PCC, these five band members strive to fulfill their personal desire to play music while continually aiming high.Although music plays a prominent role in these artists’ lives, they try to remain realistic when planning their future.

“It’s not our main goal [to be famous]. Whether we make it or not, we have back up goals. It’s not my goal to be a rock star, but if it happens, that’s cool too,” said Jordan Martin, music major and bassist for the band.
Playing primarily alternative rock ‘n role music, the band has been together for about three years even though guitarists Jesus Solorzano and Allan Kerbabian.

“I would hope people get out of [our music] what we get out of listening to other bands [that we love],” said music major and drummer William Logan, referring to the influence their music has over audiences.
With most of them being residents of the Pasadena area, Logan said, “we try to play whenever we can in Pasadena because its convenient.” The band has, however, played in other areas including Hollywood and Burbank.
Revealing how they began in music, Logan said, “for me it’s a kind of family thing.”

With most of his siblings also being musicians, he too felt music was right for him.
Similarly, Martin found inspiration through his uncle. “My uncle owned various instruments. I used to watch him jam out,” he said.

Before Bellafontaine came together, Martin and Logan were part of another band called A Blank Stare. Although Logan had grown up with the singer of Bellafontaine, Cristian Ramirez, it was not until two years into high school that they began to talk.After some time, Logan and Martin quit “A Blank Stare” and joined with Ramirez, Solorzano and Kerbabian.
For now, the band members agreed that their first performance was the best. “That was just after we came together and we were excited about it. We were really pumped up for that show. We didn’t know what to expect,” said Logan.
Bellefontaine will be playing a gig at the No Future Café at Walnut Avenue in Pasadena at 9 p.m. Friday. Entry is $4 per person, and unlimited hot chocolate and coffee will be available.

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