Taylor Gonzales/Courier An assortment of vinyls for sale at Audio Element on Thursday, February 23 2017.
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Hidden among that many shops in Old Town Pasadena, Audio Element brought together many audiophiles for a night full of fun conversation, cozy relaxation, and most importantly, the love-appreciation for records and turntables during their most recent Bring Your Own Vinyl night.

From a variety of turntables and records in various genres to headphones and extravagant speakers, Audio Element can provide it all for music lovers seeking musical elements heard like never before.

“In audio there’s convenience and sound quality, they never mix,” Manager Sean-Paul Williams said.

Audio element is a small shop in old town Pasadena right off the corner of E Union St. and N Arroyo Parkway. This is shop is the perfect place for any listener to come and dabble with new elements of music. Audio element offers a large variety of record and turntables, high fidelity level sound equipment like speakers and headphones all ranging from affordable prices for beginning audiophiles and more expensive options for more experienced audiophiles.

Beginning listeners and experienced listeners were all welcome to the event  and all were able to experience music through the high level audio equipment that audio element has to offer.

What better way to spend a night than discovering  new music with fellow audio lovers over great tunes and having some hors d’oeuvres like sandwiches and chips and light refreshments to accompany.

People we’re able to bring in their own vinyls and have the Audio Element team play them on their system for everyone to hear.

Vinyls were put in the queue upon request, then cleaned by the experienced staff in one of their many record cleaners, and then set up for everyone to listen.

There was also a more intimate experience; people could also have their vinyl played in the back room which happens to be soundproof and has an audio system which cost between eighty and five-hundred dollars, which makes all music played sound like a live concert.

“Do you know how many people are waiting for their record to be played because I’ve been waiting a while” said Jessica Lowell as she anxiously waited for her turn in the queue.

People who brought in their own vinyl brought in many different musical tastes from Donald Fagen to Fleetwood Mac.

Although BYOV night brought in many people, it was mostly experienced listeners and there was a lack of the younger generation.

“Not many young people like college students come in here.” attendee Zach Galarzon said.

Audio element is definitely a shop more people should check out because music is something everyone can relate to and it is never too late nor is it to hard to enter the world of records and turntables.

Audio element is located at 117 East Union street, Pasadena, CA, 91103 and is open Tuesday through Saturday from eleven am through five pm.

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