The End of the F*****g World shot from Netflix.
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In case you missed it, Netflix has become a really big deal, especially for the younger generation. Millenials are always looking for binge-worthy shows that allow them to connect to characters, to escape reality for a little while and to essentially find something that makes them feel like they are not alone in this crazy world. Netflix’s “The End of The F***ing World” does just that.

The show premiered in January, and since then it has been all the rave. Originally based on a comic book series by Charles Forsman, the eight-part series starts off with James, a teenage boy who is convinced he is a psychopath and has decided that he wants to stab the weird new girl at school, Alyssa, to death. His plans take a turn of events when Alyssa runs away from home and tells James he is coming with her.

The two embark on a wild journey during which they crash their car, blackmail a guy into giving them his wallet, break into a home, kill a serial rapist, threaten a gas station owner, uncover the truth behind Alyssa’s biological father and even bury a dog on the beach. The series is funny, thrilling, and only three hours long, making it completely bingable. What more could someone want in a Netflix show?

“The End of The F***ing World” has received an overwhelming amount of attention in part due to its eventful storyline, but more importantly, for its accurate portrayal of innocent, confused and strong-willed teenagers. James and Alyssa not only add to the story, they essentially are the story. The both of them together makes no sense at all, but they make perfect sense all at the same time. One is quiet and reserved, while the other is daring and speaks her mind. They find comfort in knowing that each of them has had a less than typical past, and it is the awkwardness and pain that brings them together.

The demographic of the show is most definitely the younger generation. Us young adults –go through a lot and we often try to conceal the pain that we are feeling because we fear that we are constantly being judged. The show allows viewers to find comfort in both Alyssa and James, to understand that there are people in the world with internal struggles just like them and to entice them to create change in their lives if something is not the way they want it to be. It is for this reason that the series earns an A rating in my book!

All eight episodes are exhilarating, but the ending… CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE ENDING?! In the final seconds of the show, Alyssa is being arrested while James tries to run away. The sound of a single gunshot is heard right as the final episode comes to a close.

“I’ve just turned eighteen,” says James in a voiceover as images of him and Alyssa flutter across the screen. “And I think I understand what people mean to each other.”

There are so many unanswered questions: Does Alyssa go to jail? Did James get shot? Did James die? Does James escape? Where does he go? Does Alyssa get out of jail?  DO JAMES AND ALYSSA REUNITE? For my overall well-being, I NEED to know if James and Alyssa reunite.

According to, Channel 4 has made “no decision” on whether or not there will be a second season, but based on how viewers have been responding to the show, fans are hopeful that James and Alyssa’s fate will soon unfold in another series of adventures.

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