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The women’s soccer team lost 2-1 against East Los Angeles College (ELAC) on Tuesday at the Huskies’ field, continuing a losing streak this past Monday against San Bernardino Valley 3-1.”We give them two goals. We lost because of mental errors, we should’ve won this game,” said soccer director Cherif Zein.

This game was tied with a lot of adrenaline, both teams attacking with their maximum level and an active ball passing.

The first team to score was the Huskies at the eighth minute, but four minutes after Kristie Castellon tied the game with a straight shot to the goal coming from the corner.

Lancer Randi Richarson put in danger to the Huskies’ goalie, kicking the ball from the half of the field scratching the post; at the 30th minute.

Ten minutes after midfielder Elba Menjivar put the Huskies in risk again, with a header that went over the Huskies’ goalie but a defender saved the ball, ending the first half with a tied game.

In the second half, at the 18th minute, Sheima Berenji with a strong free kick, barel missed a goal by scratching ELAC’s pole.

The referee lost the control of the game, after Menjivar received a hard-foul coming from an ELAC player.

“They made me a foul, I felt that I was O.K. [The Huskies trainer] wanted me to go out of the field, but I did not want to go” said Menjivar, who was involved in an argument with the Huskies trainer while she was in the floor. The incident stopped the game for five minutes.

Forty-one minutes into the game, the Huskies scored their second and last goal against the Lancers.

Desperately, the Lancers were looking for the tying goal, getting close to the Huskies’ goalie, with strong and straight kicks, unfortunately none of them made it.

At the last minute, Castellon kicked the last ball for the Lancer, but went on the ground, and the Huskies kicked away.

The tension started to heat up and yellow cards were given. The players started to make errors, which led to discussions between the players.

The next game is this Friday against Long Beach and the expectative is high; according to Elba Menjivar this game, they did not played as a team but the next game they will work harder.

According to Menjivar in this game, they did not play as a team but the next game they will work harder.

“We gotta forget about this game, and think about the next game against Long Beach,” Zein said.

The next game is Friday against Long Beach at PCC Robinson Stadium.

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