The women's cross country team placed 10th in the State Championships in Fresno on Nov. 18.

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The women’s cross country team placed 10th in the State Championships in Fresno on Nov. 18.

“[The team] really improved,” said Head Coach Armand Crespo. “We had our best group since the ‘90s.”

According to Crespo, this is the best the women’s team has seen in over a decade and he intends to keep it that way. “It’s a quest to get to the top and stay there,” he said.

All seven of the competing runners from PCC finished within 50 seconds of each other.

“Overall as a team we did really well,” said Zahina Rios, political science.

Rios finished in the first 70 of nearly 300 runners from all over California.

“My team motivated me,” she said.

“I felt very focused and confident,” said Diane Lombardi, broadcast journalism.

The most difficult part of the race were the hills, according to Lombardi. “There were more hills that we usually have,” she said.

The race was described as one full of intensity and pain.

The team closed out the season at a high point and will continue to train in the off-season.

However, some of the runners will be participating in the Lancer’s Track team, which will hold it’s two-part tryouts in early January and February.

Athletes who make the cut in January must also try out again and make the cut in February to be part of the team.

Student athletes interested in trying out must show a good work ethic and be ready to improve their skill.

“We train every day,” said Crespo, and added “we’re here to train our bodies to be the best that we can be.”

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