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On Friday PCC’s women’s water polo team traveled to El Camino College for a tournament against LA Valley and El Camino, losing the first game 16-5 before shutting out El Camino in the second match 16-0.

In the first-half of the game against LA Valley, PCC was only down 9-5 as they handled defense and counter attacks. Coach Terry Stoddard believes the teams were evenly matched but L.A. Valley was better on Friday.

“L.A. found our weaknesses,” said Stoddard.

PCC freshman goalie Clarque De Young had five open water blocks where the shooter was only three meters from her face.

“She kept us in the game the first half,” said Stoddard. De Young had 14 saves.

In the second half against L.A. Valley, PCC was beat on their counter attack. The Lancers took only 19 shots the entire game when they try for eight a quarter.

L.A. Valley pulled a lot of fakes on the goalie in the second half and took over 30 shots during the game.

“They out-swam us, out-anticipated us, were able to score. We didn’t handle the counter attack,” said Stoddard.

With only about an hour to rest between matches, PCC’s players came back stronger. They refueled with Gatorade and apple sauce. Coach Stoddard went over the mistakes against L.A. and said they were ready to go against El Camino.

PCC shut-out El Camino 16-0 with good pressing defense and no counter attack. Stoddard said they “played great defense, period.”

With a changing lineup in the young season, freshman player Irma Sarac found her moment in the sun. Sarac scored six goals and had eight steals against El Camino. She scored on a power play and tested her athletic ability.

“Irma and Marley were stand-outs in the second game,” said Stoddard.

Before the tournament, Stoddard told Sarac she needed to break out.

“And she scored six goals!” he said.

Stoddard said she stood out against El Camino and took a leadership role. The team was proud of her.

“We communicated really well and worked well as a team,” said Sarac when asked what she felt was the reason they won against El Camino.

On winning the game against El Camino, team captain Ariah Givens said, “our team learned better how to counter. Our passes were more accurate and we had a lot of breaks [break-aways].”

Stoddard didn’t expect a shut-out but was happy. They play El Camino again on the 30th and are expecting them to be prepared. He wants his team to be confident, just not overly so.



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