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The Lancer’s Cross Country team took second in the women’s 5k and third in men’s 4 mile at the meet last Friday at Irvine Regional Park.

The team is ranked 11th in Southern California which is an enormous improvement compared to last year’s rank of 17th.

“I think we did well,” said Lancer Coach Armand Crespo. “A couple people didn’t have their best race and couple had their best race,” he said. The women’s team had all seven of it’s runners finish in the top 25 out of 60 total runners.

“Overall, this is one of my best races,” said Lancer’s runner Elizabeth Lyons, business.

“I didn’t fall back, I was strong and on pace,” she said.

“You have to have your mind in the race, and work as a team to push each other,” she said.

“Today was one of my better races of the season,” said men’s runner Angus Leung, Kinesiology.

“I ran a minute and a half faster than my last race,” he said.

The ultimate goal for this year’s Cross Country team is to get the men to qualify in the state championship as a group and for the women to place in the top three of the conference, said Coach Crespo.

“We’re close. It’s going to depend on if I can motivate them,” said Crespo.

“Physically we can be great, but if we don’t believe that we are great, we won’t finish where we should.”

To prepare for the next meet, the team will be concentrating on its running tactics, said Crespo.

“We’re going forward, we don’t want to go back,” said Crespo.

Cross Country’s next meet will be at Cerritos Regional Park for the South Coast Conference Championships on October 29 at  12 a.m.

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