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The gross incomes of all PCC employees were released on the school’s website after a public records request from two news organizations.

The document shows how much every PCC employee makes, including the president, vice presidents, faculty and student workers and any other person’s employed by the college.

The posting of the compensation reports comes at a time when many at PCC feel that administration officials are making too much money when money is scarce and classes are being cut. It is time this information was released.

    The release of the gross earnings may be seen by some as a way to divide students and faculty who, for the most part, have been on the same side when it comes to classes being cut and faculty being fired.

The theory is that when students see how much certain professors are making, they might feel as if the faculty has its own agenda during this “educational crisis”.                   

Considering that the faculty contract is coming up for negotiation, this might be a way for the administration try and show students that certain faculty members have their own goals for the protests and that cuts to certain classes were necessary because of the high salaries professors are paid.

The release of all PCC employees’ annual gross income also comes as a blow to employees like student workers who are not making anything close to the major players and those who are not comfortable with the public knowing how much they are making.

Someone who is working part time and making $8 an hour might not want everyone to know his or her gross income for the year, but it is a small price to pay to see how much faculty and administrators are making during these harsh economic times. Besides, state law requires it.

The release of the gross earnings should make this “Educational Crisis” at PCC a bit more interesting now that the public knows exactly how much every employee is making.

Since the teachers protesting with students are on the list, perhaps students might see them as having their own agenda, and the whole face of the movement might change.

Regardless, if it gets stronger or divides students and faculty the release of the gross incomes of each employee was something necessary and was required by state law.

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