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One of Pasadena City College’s core beliefs is that it is important to be transparent and factual.

To that end, PCC began broadcasting in July 2011 live online video of the Pasadena Area Community College District Board of Trustees regular business meetings.

It is important to be clear that the live video stream was not cut during the Feb. 22 Board of Trustees meeting nor has it ever been cut for any other meeting.

What may have looked like interruptions in the feed were times when the camera focused in on the PCC logo on a projection screen within the meeting room while the Board meeting was not in session.

This has always been the practice for the video streaming of Board meetings.

In short, a meeting is broadcast only when it has been called to order. Whenever a meeting is not in session, it is standard practice to have the camera cut to a close-up of something in the room, be it the screen with the PCC logo, the flag, or a wide shot of the room.

This also happens when the Board is in recess for any reason, including receptions for the Rose Court, legislators, or after the induction of a new student trustee. The Feb. 22 open session was streamed and can be viewed on the website at

Another core value of PCC is a commitment to integrity. The college encourages discourse in a civil manner and will continue to provide accurate and timely information through its website and broadcasts.


Juan F. Gutierrez

Director of Public Relations


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