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The budget cuts and class closures that sparked protests at college campuses throughout the state earlier this semester, displaced many people. PCC students were angry at the way it was all handled and wanted their classes back in order to move on with their education. They took action and held the administration and the board accountable.

So, the administration worked out a solution: “Spring Forward” Intersession. As of Saturday, hundreds of displaced students have the opportunity to register in over a dozen essential classes. The intersession classes will help students get back on their educational track and closer to transferring.

While the climate at colleges throughout the state is far from perfect, the situation at PCC is much improved because students empowered themselves to make their voices heard and brought about change.

Each and every student is ultimately accountable for his or her own actions or inactions and educational destiny, no one else.

Students have now realized that it is time to accept the realities of the current educational system so that they can move on. Currently, more than half of the students who were contacted and offered “Spring Forward” classes have registered.

The reality is our state’s economic situation is at best a disaster. More cuts may be on the horizon, but we have to find a way to rise above adversity. The first step is to take advantage of the best available solution by registering for “Spring Forward” Intersession.

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