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Monday Sept. 28:

An administration member at the Community Educational Center stated a disabled student has reported being physically abused at his/her home. Student met with counselor and a psychiatrist was notified to meet with the student.

Tuesday Sept. 29:

A male reported being assaulted near the north side of the L building when he was bumped into while riding his skateboard. He stated that the man who bumped into him began to curse at him.

A male student reported their backpack was stolen from the Mirror Pool area while it was left unattended with a group of individuals near the area. Student returned to the area and the group of individuals and his backpack was gone.

A student asked to speak to an officer stating another student on campus is stalking them. Student didn’t provide much information.

Wednesday Sept. 30:

Video camera checks show three subjects removing clothing from ALE donation bin in the quad. Subjects were seen riding their skateboards but the officer who responded was unable to make contact.

A male was possibly exposing himself to students, as reported by a passerby. Police were unable to make contact with the male but confirmed a description from a view on the video camera.

Thursday Oct. 1:

An office in the V building was burglarized. The door’s lock was found broken. The desk was rifled through and several PCC keys were missing.

Friday Oct. 2:

A subject on the south side of the quad was reportedly asking students for credit card information to subscribe to a newspaper.

Sunday Oct. 4:

Pasadena PD contacted PCC dispatch to report a male calling 911 to say he was “dying and could not get up.” Lots were checked but no one was able to make contact with the subject. Pasadena PD made contact with man off-campus and reported they will stay in the area.

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