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Tuesday, April 4

Pasadena Fire Department transported a male student to the hospital after he was complaining of chest pain from the Health Center.

Officers were called after a woman stated that the vehicle parked next to hers hit her vehicle. There were no injuries in the accident.

Wednesday, April 5

An emergency exit of the Community Education Center was found ajar. The area was checked by officers and seemed to be all clear.

An ambulance was called to the Community Education Center after a student complained to them about feeling ill.

A sexual assault was reported in the W building. Pasadena Police Department are investigating the incident with the assistance of Officer Despain from Campus Police.

The Piazza Cafeteria staff requested assistance with escorting a disruptive homeless person. They were escorted off campus by police.

A student’s car was keyed while it was parked at the Community Education Center.

A student was reported missing at the LA Sheriff’s Department in Temple City. Disabled Students Programs & Services requested assistance with information on the student and she was found in class at PCC and was advised to contact her mother to let her know she was fine.

A possibly unconscious person north of Lot 1 was reported. The subject was apparently just taking a nap.

Thursday, April 6

A student at the Community Education center was advised by an officer to leave the campus. The student used foul language in class and was asked by their instructor to leave but they refused.

An iPad was reported stolen from D-300.

Faculty reported a homeless person inside the CC building on the first floor. When officers arrived they were already gone.

Saturday, April 8

A man was seen inside of the W building in the first floor women’s restroom. When officers arrived there was no suspicious activity.

A person was seen with a bicycle inside of the W building in the first floor women’s restroom. Officers checked the area and came back found nothing.

A subject who seemed to be intoxicated by the IT building elevators was not present when officers arrived on the scene.


      1. Special privileges, teachers can curse/students can’t; just like student artists are told they can’t depict anything sexual or that might be considered offensive – the professor gets to decide what is or is not offensive. At the same time the PCC Boone Family Art Gallery displays work by visiting artists graphically depicting buggery, cunnilingus, fellatio and anilingus. Some “Family” art gallery!

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