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February 5th

Someone stole a laptop from inside the women’s restroom at Science Village. The victim left her laptop on top of the paper towel dispenser while she utilized the facilities. When she exited the stall, her laptop was gone.

February 6th

A Chevy Silverado struck a parked car and then fled the scene. Video from the parking structure showed the suspect exit his vehicle to inspect the damage, then reenter his vehicle and drive away. The video also captured the suspect’s license plate. Utilizing this information and the student database, the suspect was located in the GM building and brought to the station for questioning.  The subject admitted striking the vehicle and leaving the scene.

February 9th

An unknown male stole a wallet from a woman’s purse at the Mirror Pools. The suspect rode away on a bicycle. Video from the location captured the crime, but not the suspect’s face.


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