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From the Campus Police blotter through Sunday, Oct. 20:

Monday, Oct. 14

A domestic violence report was filed at the Pasadena Police Department last week by a female student who attends PCC. She advised her instructor of her situation and why she has not attended class.

A male staff member in GM-112A was not feeling well and requested Pasadena paramedics for assistance. He refused their offer of transport to the hospital and advised he would take himself there. 

Multiple calls were received for a female subject in the quad asking female students to assist her in moving items in her home. Further investigation revealed that the subject was an elderly female who needed assistance in her residence. The subject was advised not to solicit students at PCC. 

A female stated that she was verbally abused at the Java Hut because she asked too many questions about the coffee. She stated the suspect was an Asian male who said she was overly privileged to be asking so many questions.

A female stated her AirPods and adapter were stolen from her backpack while it was left underneath her seat in C-311 between 12:00-1:45 p.m. 

Staff in D-304 requested assistance with a 22-year-old student who complained of dizziness and who was involved in a vehicular accident off-campus. Staff advised that the student may have suffered a concussion. Pasadena paramedics responded and transported the student to Huntington Memorial Hospital. 


Tuesday, Oct. 15

A transient was seen by surveillance cameras looking into vehicles in Lot 4 Level 1. The subject was contacted and advised to leave the campus. 

A transient was loitering in the bushes near the P building. The subject was contacted and escorted off campus.

An instructor in Bungalow 6 at the CEC campus advised that she and her coworkers smelled a strong gas odor adjacent to the bungalow. Facilities staff were contacted for assistance. The odor began to diminish prior to the facilities’ staff arrival. The odor source remains unknown.

Staff from the Office of Student Life reported a white female adult with numerous bags creating a mess near the entrance of the Welcome Center in the Campus Center. The adult was contacted and advised to leave the area when she finished eating in the Piazza.

Staff requested an officer in L-112 to assist with the removal of a disruptive student in Dr. Olivo’s office. The student was escorted from the area. 

Nursing staff reported a suspicious male subject kneeling north of the D building’s stairs. The subject was talking to himself, and staff reported being fearful of exiting the building. Upon questioning, the subject advised he was practicing for a performance. The nursing staff was escorted to their vehicles. 


Wednesday, Oct. 16

The Visual Arts and Media Studies division dean in the CA building stated that three students reported a male approached them and tried to take a picture beneath their skirts. The students reported the incident to a faculty member the day before at approximately 4:30 p.m. Campus police were then made aware. Students would make a report at a later time. 

A staff member advised that a student reported two women inside the male locker rooms of the W building, possibly accompanied by a male subject. Officers advised that the subjects were located in the area. Upon questioning, one subject was showering and claimed she did not like using the female showers due to altercations she has been involved in at the Women’s showers. The other subjects, a male and a female, were fully clothed. No evidence of lewd conduct was observed. 

A student reported that she was followed on campus by an unknown male subject for the prior two weeks, following her to classes on campus and eavesdropping on conversations with her friends. The student last noticed the subject inside the GM building at approximately 12:00 p.m.

A student reported that they were being harassed by an alleged gang member. Further investigation revealed there was no harassment or threat made. The student was advised to restrict contact with which would end numerous text messages being sent.

A student reported their vehicle’s side mirror was broken off while parked in Lot 4 level 2. 

A professor flagged an officer down near the C building to report that a student reported a male subject kneeling down and possibly recording under her skirt. The potential subject was an Asian male. 

Shatford Library staff requested a walkthrough of the third floor in search of a black male subject reportedly yelling 20 minutes earlier. He was found charging his phone in the Rotunda area. The subject was escorted from the area.

Anonymous reports were made of two female Hispanic adults approaching a student and engaging in religious conversation. The reporting party became concerned when one of the subjects mentioned “Mother of God.” The reporting party believed it is a sex trafficking cult. The subjects were not located during a search of the area.


Thursday, Oct. 17

A student reported that her vehicle was stolen from Lot 4 level 3A by her ex-husband. She along with her ex-husband were the vehicle’s registered owners. The student has a restraining order against the ex-husband, and it states he is not to be within 100 yards of PCC campus.

Facilities personnel reported a female transient sleeping in the CA building’s third floor women’s restroom. The transient was escorted off campus. 


Friday, Oct. 18



Saturday, Oct. 19



Sunday, Oct. 20


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