Taylor Gonzales/Courier Associated Students members Alexis Rivera-Andrade and Samantha Salomon attend a meeting on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.
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  • Was on the BoT meeting for approval or ratification but AS requested more time because they felt like students should be in charge of approving it
  • Associated Students was not able to have representation at the College Council meeting when the Standards of Student Conduct were passed (no student presence because students were unavailable — not the fault of the committee)
  • Associated Students wanted to have the chance to review the Standards before they were officially passed
  • “Our student trustee has reviewed them preliminarily, and we do not expect to have any objection to them, we simply wanted to stay informed on the matter as it pertains to students,” said Julia Russo, AS president
  • There is new language that must be added to the Standards of Student Conduct before it goes before the Board either way
  • The standards will likely be passed over the next couple of weeks as the latest version is updated and the students are able to pass them


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