Taylor Gonzales/CourierAS President Julia Russo, Vice President of External Affairs Dean Wyrzykowski, Student Trustee Nune Garipian, and Cheif Justice Gohar Tahmizian in the Creveling Lounge on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. They are heading to Washington, DC to lobby for resolutions.
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  • SB-6, AB-21, and SB-68: Undocumented students
    • SB-68 seeks to overturn an existing law which exempts all students who have spent 3 or more years at any combination of California schools from paying out-of-state tuition, with the exception of non-immigrant aliens.
    • SB-6 requires the Department of Social Services to reach out to non-profit organizations that provide legal services and provide them with funding. This funding will be prioritized for assisting Veterans, people eligible for the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program, individuals who have a claim to political asylum, and the detained individuals with a spouse, parent, or child who is a citizen.
    • AB-21 requires the faculty and staff of California public schools and community colleges to verify the legality of any subpoena or warrant presented by any ICE official or by officials working in conjunction with ICE before complying.
      • AB-21 also requires these schools to assign at least one staff member to serve as a contact for any student who is subject to an immigration order or inquiry on campus.
      • The final requirement is for the school to “solicit and maintain a contact list of known attorneys or legal services providers who provide pro bono legal immigration representation, and provide it free of charge to any and all students who request it.”
  • AB-453 SB-557 AB-214, SB-307: Food and Housing
    • AB-453 requires the Trustees of California State Universities to designate campuses as “hunger free campuses” if they have any of the following: an employee designated to help students enroll in CalFresh, A campus pantry, A program at the school allowing students to donate unused meal plans to students in need, and a campus employee designated as a point-of-contact for this program
      • Campuses that are designated as “hunger free” will receive additional funding
    • SB-557 allows a campus to transfer a non-hazardous container of food which has been returned by a customer to another customer rather than throwing it away.
      • This bill also allows a local education agency to provide food sharing tables which food service, staff, pupils, and faculty may place food onto for public consumption, or to donate the food to a food bank.
    • AB-214 requires all public or private post-secondary schools within a county that participates in the Restaurant Meals Program to apply to the program and to provide information about the program to students.
    • SB-307 creates a task force that will assess the effects of student homelessness and housing insecurity.
  • AB-17, AB-393, AB-1622, SB-68: College affordability
    • AB-17 uses State funds to create or fund pre-existing programs that provide free or reduced-fare passes
      • AB-17 will also provide eligible transit service providers with 20,000$ for the program
      • AB-17 will be called the Transit Pass Program as a whole
      • AB-393 prevents fees given to California State University students from being increased until the 2019-20 academic year.
      • AB-1622 requires California State Universities and the California Community Colleges to designate a Dream Resource Liaison and allows the trustees, board of governors, and regents to accept gifts meant to aid in the creation or operation of Dream resource Centers for their respective colleges.
      • SB-68 see above.

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