Near the close of the meeting, Academic Senate members hear various topics of “Old News’ in the meeting located in the Circadian, Monday afternoon, February 27, 2017.
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  • Special guests Desiree Zuniga, Ingrid Arana, Katie Datko, and Armando Duran presented a computer program called “Starfish” which is designed to help students at risk either academically or otherwise connect with programs and resources at the school to meet and overcome their needs
  • A meeting will be held on March 15 to further discuss how the program can help students
  • The Senate approved J-3 titled “Student Support Resolution” on the Agenda, a measure which solidifies the school as a “safe learning environment.”That term replaced “Sanctuary” as the word sanctuary can put an unnecessary target on the school.
  • The measure dictates that teacher will not have to deal wit ICE agents directly refer them to another manager at the college who will deal with all manners pertaining to undocumented students
  • The measure also states that the college with not comply with the federal government in the event the government demands a registry of certain students (mainly pertaining to Muslim and undocumented)
  • A copy of the resolution has been requested
  • During the President’s Report, Samantha Fleming said the U-building on campus was approved for “re-building” after Governor Brown’s budget gets made into law
  • No other details on that were made
  • In the same report, showers for homeless students will possibly appear on campus as per state mandate
  • PCC is fully accredited and no longer in probation