The Campus Bookstore has signed a deal with HP to provide discounts on computing and printing products for students.

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The Campus Bookstore has signed a deal with HP to provide discounts on computing and printing products for students.

“The program just went live recently. [The bookstore] hasn’t even fully advertised it yet,” said Leslie Thompson, manager of bookstore services at PCC.

“We linked the program to our Facebook profile and put it on our website.”

Thompson said the program is in the beginning stages and she wants it to expand.

“I am trying to get other agreements with other companies, like Apple, Dell and,” she said.

Thompson said in order to take advantage of this new discount program, students need to visit the online bookstore.

“How it works is students visit [the Bookstore’s] website and click on the HP Academy link. It takes them to Hewlett-Packard’s website, and once the student signs in, they can take advantage of all the discounts the site has to offer,” Thompson said.

The savings offered are off of the starting price of all HP and Compaq consumer products including configure-to-order notebooks and desktop printers, handhelds, calculators, and home servers.

“The discounts are up to 10 percent,” said Thompson.

Thompson urged students to look into this avenue when buying a new computer because part of the money goes to the college.

“[PCC] gets a small percentage of sales that go through the college website,” she said. “I expect this to be a nice compliment to the other services we already offer.”

According to the HP Academy website, students, faculty, and parents can save on a wide variety of products by shopping online.

“Because of overhead and space, it is not really feasible for [the Bookstore] to carry a large selection of this kind of product, but we want to be able to offer it without a significant investment of resources,” said Thompson.

“It is a nice way to see what the buying trends are and what people want so we can look into expanding it in store in the future.”

HP Academy offers financing for those who prefer to make monthly payments.

Some students are grateful for programs like this.

“Any sort of discount really helps,” said Natasha Klein, psychology.

“It’s nice that PCC is trying to help us save money.”

Other students feel that HP Academy should do more to help students save money.

“Ten percent is barely the tax,” said Kendra Albright, communications. “HP makes millions of dollars. They can afford to discount their products more.”

HP teams up with PCC bookstore to offer special discounts to students on computing products. (Daniel Nerio / Courier)

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