A brief look at campus police encounters.
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September 9

A woman reported damage to the rear bumper of her vehicle while parked on the fourth level of Lot 4.

A man reported his audio recorder, valued at $260, stolen from his backpack after he retrieved it from the campus Lost and Found.

A woman reported her backpack stolen from the Mirror Pool location. Total amount value of items lost were reported at $150

Cadets reported an unknown man writing on a wall on the third floor of the R building. Pictures were taken of the vandalism. No one was apprehended.

September 11

A man was reported soliciting for money and shouting out to passing vehicles on Colorado Blvd. near Lot 1. The man was seen carrying a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a disposable razor in the other. The man left the area before officers arrived.

A woman reported her Mexican passport stolen from the women’s locker room of the W building.

A woman reported her I-Phone was stolen from her while she looked in another direction near the D building.

September 12

A man reported his vehicle hit in the Student Lot st CEC last Tuesday. The hit-and-run suspect caused damage to the driver’s side rear bumper.

A staff reported three PCC Band member’s wallets and various items were stolen from GM-142 while they were in practice. The thefts took place between 7 P.M. and 10:15 P.M.

September 13

A custodian reportedly fell in the elevator of the C building. The accident reportedly took place on the second floor and the PCC employee was transported to Huntington Memorial for treatment


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