The Pasadena City Council voted unanimously in favor of an ordinance to shut off utilities to medical marijuana dispensaries that are operating illegally in the city, potentially cutting off patients from life saving medicine on…

PCC’s sustainability seeks a step-up

By Allison Stutzka April 25, 2017 0

As climate change continues to affect the world with rising temperatures, increasing sea levels, and unusual heat waves, PCC looks to reduce their carbon footprint and increase methods of sustainability, but their print remains. (more…)

Debate’s priceless push to Nationals

By Emeline Beltran March 24, 2017 1

PCC’s award-winning Speech and Debate (Forensics) members’ second home is the basement level of the C building. The hallway holds a collage of old and new successful forensics members and a case crowded with trophies,…