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Watching a movie about the relationship between a mother and a daughter on Mother’s Day weekend seems like a perfect option for a night out, however, “Snatched” might not be the right choice since it turned out to be nothing but a huge disappointment.

This week’s new 20th Century Fox film was directed by Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies,”) and written by Katie Dippold (“The Heat”).

Amy Schumer (“Trainwreck”) and Goldie Hawn (“The First Wives Club”) play the roles of Emily and Linda respectively and depict a typical relationship between a mom and a daughter. Linda is a lonely and divorced cat-lady while Emily’s only goal in life is to convince her Instagram followers she lives an exciting life.

Emily’s life changes completely at the beginning of the film after she loses her job and gets dumped by her boyfriend right before their romantic trip to Ecuador. Since the tickets are nonrefundable Emily decides to go with her mom, who was not excited about the idea.

When they arrive, Emily decides to have some fun while her mom chooses to spend her vacation reading a book. Though they both had different views on how to spend their vacation, neither mom nor daughter expected to get kidnapped and be forced to kill people to survive.

Despite the fact that this all sounds like the start of a great storyline the movie became boring after the first 20 minutes.

At the end of the film, the only thought circulating in my head was “what in the world just happened?” It’s really hard to judge a comedy film, since these kinds of movies might not always be logical (an acceptable feature of this genre). However, “Snatched” was full of unnecessary scenes and weird moments that did not seem real in any way. Most of the action scenes were extremely unreasonable and impossible to understand the reasons behind them.

The plot was incredibly simple and cliché, since it was really easy to predict what was going to happen next. The storyline was so repetitive that it even became its own rip-off, which didn’t make it any better.

When the ridiculously invincible duo initially escapes from their captivity, it was funny because of their circumstances. However, after about the 1000th recapture and escape scene, the humorous aspect is far gone, leaving audience members filled with frustration and annoyance.

There was one scene that was confusing, terrifying and amusing all at once. Emily has a parasite in her stomach, and the doctor that attempts to help her decided to force the parasite to come out through her throat by holding a piece of meat in front of her mouth. I hoped that the humorous element of the scene was about the absurdness of the whole situation. The next second, a head of a worm-like creature resembling Alien, popped out of her mouth. The CGI was so obviously fake that it made me question whether they fired their special effects crew before they could complete the abomination.  

Though the movie’s showtime was only at 9 p.m., there was a maximum of nine people in the whole theater. By the end of the film four of them were gone, probably because they had low pain endurance. Hopefully there will be larger crowds over the weekend, otherwise it will be hard to cover the $42 million budget.

I will definitely not be revisiting this movie ever again, in the hopes that it will be lost forever in the deep recesses of my mind.

Rating: 2/5 


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