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In mid November, “Justice League” finally premiered on the big screen and I was able to catch an early set that morning. With some of DC’s top heroes, this film has brought an interesting team of old and new heroes in a collaboration to save the world.

I had mixed feelings about this film. I can’t judge the actual story of the film because it somewhat reflects the Justice League comics, but it did seem similar to “The Avengers” storyline. Both teams are gathered up to fight a villain that has taken control of an extremely powerful source. For “Justice League” it was the Mother Boxes and for “The Avengers” it was the Infinity Stones.   

The things I really enjoyed about this movie were the graphics and the intensity of the fight scenes. Compared to Marvel, DC’s graphics make their powers feel more realistic. The fighting isn’t as combative as “The Avengers” films, but the great graphics and epic super power scenes make the overall fight scenes look awesome.

DC seems to have more of a serious or darker feel to their films than Marvel does. All the heroes in “Justice League” were pretty serious, besides Flash. He was more of the young, goofy kid that joined the team, almost like Spiderman in “The Avengers.” I can’t really say a more serious movie is good or bad, it depends on the audience.

A movie like this seems to be less attractive to kids, besides the point of it being a superhero movie. The movie tends to be for an adult audience.  However, the seriousness of the characters made it harder for humor to be added into the film.

Their humor was a bit corny or just not as funny. A lot of the humor of the film came from Flash, which can only go so far with his character. Another inside joke throughout the movie was toward Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

It seemed like they constantly had to mention how attractive she is and almost every hero in the team had some sexual tension toward her. With all the sexual harassment in the movie industry at this time, it is very interesting to watch this movie glorify the looks of the only woman on the team.

Certain parts of the movie did hit some personal emotions. My favorite was a heroic scene of Wonder Woman that I really enjoyed. In the scene, a terrorist attack unfolds in France. A group of men break into a building, shooting almost everyone. As soon as they were about to shoot a group of kids, Wonder Woman flies in blocking every bullet that was about to hit them.

With all the recent terrorist attacks in France, it felt good to see that but also sad to just wish someone would have saved those that actually got killed in the recent attacks. Another moment was when Superman came back to life. The beautiful part was watching his mother’s reaction to seeing him again after she thought she wouldn’t again. I feel like this really helps get the audience more involved with the characters.

Overall, I feel like the movie was good. I will give it a “B” for the great imagery of the movie and the story itself. They can definitely work on their humor and get more intimate with their characters, though it’s definitely not a waste of money or time. Similar to Marvel movies, they had two ending scenes, hinting at the next big movie. One scene was within the credits and another at the end of all the credits. This showed a hint of what to expect on the next big DC film, “Death Stroke.”

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