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Spirit Halloween packed the walls with all different types of costumes for everybody, on Sept. 30, 2014. (Ian Tomlin/Courier)

Halloween is the one day of the year when it’s considered acceptable to be dressed as outrageously as possible. One might even say that for this holiday, more is more. It’s a chance to become one’s alter ego, a favorite superhero, a frightening monster, or even a satirical version of a celebrity or public figure.

“It’s the best holiday because of the costumes and candy… My friend and I have actually been planning our costumes already,” said Joseph Señas, political science. “We know we want to do something crazy, but we’re not exactly sure what.”

With pop-up shops like Spirit Halloween Store that only open during this spooky season, preparing for Halloween has become easier. Home décors and ready-made costumes are abundantly available for everyone looking to get into the spirit. Unsurprisingly, costumes have trends that change annually depending on current events and popular movies, shows, or celebrities.

“Classic superhero costumes, like Superman or Batman, are always the most popular choice, no matter what,” said Kathleen Labagh, a Spirit Halloween Store representative. “We are definitely seeing costumes like Elsa from “Frozen”and “Game of Thrones”-related costumes being very popular this year too. On the other hand, Minion costumes from “Despicable Me” are losing popularity… We usually offer discounts for unpopular costumes.”

Customers also take advantage of the discounts that are offered once Halloween is over.

“We’re the busiest two week before Halloween, when people are getting their last minute details ready,” Labagh said. “However, and most people don’t know this, but we’re extremely busy the two weeks after Halloween, right before the store is closed for the year. That’s when we have the best sales. People will buy decorations and costumes for next year too.”

Although it’s more convenient to buy ready-made costumes at stores like Spirit Halloween Store, some people prefer to put together their own costumes with clothing they already own or with clothing they buy at second-hand thrift shops.

“Costumes you can put together are usually so bad that it’s actually good,” said engineering student Andy Liang. “Ready-made costumes try too hard.”

The idea of a more affordable costume is also appealing to college students.

“It’s cheaper to put together a costume,” said English student Danielle Santiago. “It’s also a chance to be more creative! People should take advantage of it.”

Once Halloween day arrives, however, it doesn’t matter if more people are wearing ready-made costumes or costumes they’ve made on their own. It’s all about trick-or-treating, binging on candy, and getting in to the creepy, crawly holiday spirit with friends and family.

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