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Although it looks like Christmas already, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Oven roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy paint an aromatic, familiar picture of November’s ultimate feast.

While turkey, ham and mash potatoes are still main portions of this holiday’s feast, alternatives and twists on classics have spiced up the menu. The American tradition of the 1950s housewife presenting a 25-pound turkey to her properly dressed family members is a thing of the past.

“I used to celebrate thanksgiving with my friend’s family, but not really anymore,” said student Terry Surin. “I [still] eat everything: fried turkey, mashed potatoes, and jam.”

Less and less people are hovered over the stove for hours, as services like Groupon offer up a full-fledged Thanksgiving meal with choices like traditional or African style (right under the Crossfit and spin cycle class deal). Even what’s served at this year’s holiday dinner didn’t necessarily gobble, squeal, or moo at one point.

Tamales and tofurkey are some of the items found on Californian’s holiday dining tables nowadays.

“My family gets me non meat BBQ riblets and I put that inside a roll. It’s so delicious,” said vegetarian student Angelica Reyes. “I eat tofurkey in little sandwiches but I’ve never looked into having a whole roasted vegetarian turkey.”

“We have ham, tamales, stuffing, and Champorado, which is a drink similar to hot chocolate, but more Mexican style,” added student Carmina Ortiz.

As stores open earlier and earlier, there’s less of a need to go out and wait in line for hours or even over night, especially when places like Amazon offer the luxury of staying in. It just gives more time for everyone to continue to eat without worry about the amount of calories just consumed and be with the family.

“It’s only one day out of the year where people can pig out,” said Turin. “But I think that the [healthier people] add more vegetables and bake the turkey instead.”

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