The nation is at war. Not only the nation, but gamers all over the world are choosing sides in a battle that happens every few years.
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The nation is at war. Not only the nation, but gamers all over the world are choosing sides in a battle that happens every few years.

News of the next generation consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is being released daily to try and capture the hearts of potential buyers.

According to online tech news source, the release of the Xbox One [yet to be announced] and the PS4 [Nov. 15] is just around the corner, but the heated battle between the two has already begun. The baseline price of each system will be $499 for the Xbox One and $399 for the PS4 at all retail stores.

Gaming exclusives such as “Titanfall” and “Killzone” are the bait Microsoft and Sony are using to try to reel in consumers like gamer Carroll Gray, undecided.

“I’m more into it [Xbox One] for the exclusives,” said Gray. “There were issues with it at first, but it’s fixed now so it’s all good.”  

Shortly after the release announcement of the Xbox One at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 10,  Microsoft was quick to withdraw its biggest claims of the upcoming system. These claims stated that the Kinect camera that’s included with the purchase of the Xbox One would essentially always be turned on and every game you bought from then on would have to be a digital copy.

“I’m going to stick with [the Xbox One] though,” said Gray.

Regardless, Microsoft remains in the race of the console wars with strong support of its loyal fans.

At E3 the Microsoft team based the majority of their conference on the integrated TV, music and movies. On the other hand, Sony geared their conference towards gaming, which proved to be successful according to gamer Nathalie Torres, undeclared.

“Games aren’t supposed to support consoles, consoles should be made to support games,” said Torres.

Fans like Torres love the fact that the Ps4 is the gaming system actually geared towards gaming. Not only that, but gamer Scott Kelly, undeclared, says there is plenty more reason to choose the PS4 over the Xbox.

“There are many reasons to pick the PS4, like they are very indie [game] friendly,” said Kelly. “The Xbox One is too expensive and I don’t care much for motion gaming.”

Until a verdict is reached on who wins the console war, all gamers can do is wait to get their hands on one or both of the consoles when they debut in mid-November. However, no matter which is chosen, it will be a step forward in the industry from this era of gaming to the next.

The E3 press conference for Microsoft can be viewed on and for Sony on





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