William Nestlehutt/Courier Diana Joe of the Sunday Cafe cooking bacon wrapped hotdogs among other stuff at the EventRockit food market in Pasadena on Nov. 19, 2016.
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Paseo Colorado was flooded with people all afternoon Saturday when Eventrockit brought a culturally diverse food market to town. The plaza was filled with booths from various chefs and foods from all different ethnic backgrounds as well retail booths sellings clothes and snacks.

One popular booth among many was Oono Sushi, and they were famous for selling japanese and mexican-inspired sushi burritos. They had a variety of different types of burritos for sale from a regular California burrito to a vegan burrito for your fur-loving friends. Participants gathered around to fulfill their sushi cravings.

“I saw two guys eating a sushi burrito and it looked so good I had to ask them what booth they got it from and get one myself. I ended up getting a different kind of spicy tuna burrito I’ve never seen before and it was absolutely mouth-watering. It had spicy tuna, cucumber, and avocado wrapped in hot cheetos. It sounds weird, but it tasted amazing,” attendee Saul Valdez said.

Another very well-liked booth was the “L.A.B. Co.” booth or Los Angeles Burger Company. Established in 2016 and took off from the streets of Echo Park, The L.A.B. Co. won over the hearts of burger lovers everywhere by making all of their sauces and spreads from scratch which make their burgers so distinct. Any burger aficionado would definitely have a kick out of this place. Their family business is constructed around gourmet artisan burgers each carefully designed with sophisticated flavors to make a unique-tasting meal. No 2 burgers of theirs tastes the same.

“I ordered the Ukulele slider and it was simply amazing. You get the crunch you want from a burger with the grilled onions, a warm toasty bun, a juicy patty and to top it all off the savory taste from the spread added so much flavor my taste buds were singing,” foodie Evelyn Chow said.

Last but not least, Viva! Soul-fully Mexican debuted a new item on their menu at the event. They called it “Ceviche VIVA!” which was coconut cream, tomatillos, spring onions, cilantro, mint, and ginger served on a black corn tostada. They’re well-known for their beef tomatillo tacos and coconut horchata as they completely sold out of both last month at the Eventrockit food market.

“Viva! Soul-fully Mexican food is definitely what you call traditional Mexican cuisine with its own kick to it. It’s authentic and extremely tasty. I think it stands out because it’s not anything you would usually find at an ordinary Mexican restaurant,” attendee Alan Blades said.

This month, Eventrockit attracted yet another large crowd of all ages and races, from all over the 626. It united different cultures and foods and overall gathered the community to experience it together. People who attended were able to hang out with friends and family and enjoy delicious foods and drinks from various vendors whose dishes make Los Angeles’ modern food scene.

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