Every semester students scramble to find the best deal for the textbooks they need.
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Every semester students scramble to find the best deal for textbooks. Some just use the PCC bookstore while others walk across the street to Book Mart.

Benjamin Simpson/Courier
A student browses through the books in the PCC book store during the first week of school on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

Looking at the message boards on campus, one can be sure to find two or three flyers from people selling their books.

Pearl Ly, interim assistant dean of the Shatford Library, suggested a site called half.com, which is a company owned by eBay.

There, you can buy or rent textbooks for under $100. According to their rental FAQ, “You can return the book for free by printing our return label and shipping it.”

Gabriel Reyna, television production, says he prefers to get his books on Amazon.com. On its website, one can save up to 70 percent. “The ones that I need…are around $60 or cheaper,” said Reyna.

Another site where textbooks can be rented or bought is Chegg.com. The site says that it can save buyers up to 80 percent.

Chegg also offers free homework help from 2,500 textbooks. One can also purchase a Homework Help Membership, which offers textbook solutions, and 24/7 Online Study Help.

Cheapesttextbooks.com says on its home page “Cheap textbooks- new, used, rental. Up to 95 percent off!” They even have a link to their blog, which compares their prices to other sites.


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