Professor Hugo Schwyzer is a dynamic man with a complicated past. The controversy he brings to his work environment draws mixed emotions from students and staff alike.
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Professor Hugo Schwyzer is a dynamic man with a complicated past. The controversy he brings to his work environment draws mixed emotions from students and staff alike.  When Schwyzer invited adult film star James Deen to speak, it caused a serious reaction from the administration, which led to Schwyzer inviting another adult film star, Jessica Drake to his class.

To some, this behavior may be considered conduct unbecoming of an educator, but if you know Schwyzer, this attention is exactly what he’s searching for.

“I’m really convinced that what I’m called to do is fight shame,” said Schwyzer.

When it comes to fighting shame, Schwyzer is no stranger. He admits to being addicted to drugs and alcohol, which led to having sex with a number of his students, including four on one school trip, during which he was a designated chaperone, according to the magazine, The Atlantic.

Schwyzer hit what he refers to as “rock bottom,” which triggered an attempted murder/suicide on his girlfriend and himself in 1998. Shortly after, Schwyzer decided to clean up his act.

“People are deeply troubled by my past,” Schwyzer said.

Fortunately for Schwyzer, this all happened after he was granted tenure, thereby eliminating the risk of termination. However, Schwyzer maintains that he has made amends to those who were negatively impacted by his past.

Today, he teaches a variety of classes within the social sciences division at PCC. His students tend to enjoy his charisma, his energy and his feminism.

“He showed me that even a white man can be a feminist,” said Heather Wright, a former student of Schwyzer’s

Wright believes Schwyzer is passionate about feminism, and she confesses that he was the one that showed her what feminism really is, and its true meaning.

However, some students remain skeptical about his behavior, years after taking a class with him.

“I liked how he taught history like a story, but I always felt like something was off about him,” said Manuel Jaimes, a former student of Schwyzer’s.

“I’m also a little bitter that he didn’t bring any porn stars into my class,” said Jaimes, and added “porn is a part of history too.”

Schwyzer was born in Santa Barbara and raised in Carmel, California.

He comes from a family of teachers and a feminist mother, who kept feminist literature around the home. Though this indicates a nurturing in feminism in his early life, Schwyzer has never been as proactive about it as he is now. He has helped organize feminist events in an effort to bring equality to society.

However, movements like “Feminists against Hugo Schwyzer” have attempted to plague Schwyzer’s life. The effects of their efforts are still unmeasured, although Schwyzer admits to being vaguely familiar with their existence.

A passionate educator with a dark past, Schwyzer believes he has found a place in society combating shame head on, and helping his students overcome shame in their lives.

“The question is, whether or not [my past] is a disqualification of feminism,” said Schwyzer.


  1. He teaches young women to love their objectification and oppression all through mansplaining – and because he loves the attention. Ugh, stfu already, Schwyzer.

    It’s not just his past, it’s the bullshit he’s continuing to do.

  2. Does anyone care that pornography debases everyone involved, completely objectifies women and turns them in to nothing more than sex objects to be used for male gratification?

    Academic freedom my ass. This class does nothing more than promote sexism and belittles women.

    There is research aplenty indicating that girls and women have enough problems with their body image without having tax-supported filth thrown at them.


  3. So let’s see if I have this right. A professor who confesses to basically having raped some of his past students and has introduced pornography to the school is lauded as some sort of dark hero and is protected because he’s tenured.

    On the other hand, a teacher who urges aggressive reporting by his students is suspended and perp-walked off campus.

    What a great school!

  4. I don’t have a problem with is past. But I do not like how he gives a one-sided feminist presentation of everything instead of having balanced dialog. He just repeats everything feminist but doesn’t talk honestly about the other perspectives like Warren Farrel who writes from the masculist or men’s rights perspect in The Myth of Male Power about how men have been treated as the disposable sex and how both sexes were discriminated against and limited in different ways by gender roles. It’s like he carries guilt and takes it out on other men as though they’re like he was, and feminism gives him that outlet to relieve his guilt.

    1. There’s nothing feminist about pornography. If you’ve ever seen it, and few of us men can deny it, you won’t see the men getting slapped around, hit, choked, getting their hair pulled and being used for every imaginable deviant sex act under the sun.

      This man is no more a feminist than the religious zealots in Saudi Arabia. He’s a phony, self-admitted addict, rapist and alcoholic who presents prurient material to his class in lieu of decent research.

      God knows the former is easier to come by.

      1. Jay is right, ya know. PCC seems to take pride in having sexual predators as teachers. A “former” rapist? Once a sexual predator, always a sexual predator. His ruse at being a Feminist seems to be so he can surround himself with young women. But PCC seems to have plenty of freaks like this teaching classes, especially in the English department.

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