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Twenty-two PCC students along with Instructor Joseph Sierra and Dean Amy Ulmer Division Dean will be traveling to London from May 3 to 12, 2013 to explore theater in London.

Amy Ulmer, dean of the English division says students have been going to Theatre in London for about 30 years, if not more.

“It’s an opportunity for students to be part of a learning community to experience travel overseas,” said Ulmer.

According to Sierra he says that this trip is an opportunity for students to experience theater and travel to London. “There’s probably two places to see plays that would be New York and London, London is better,” said Sierra.

Ulmer and Sierra pick the plays the group will be watching based on who wrote the plays or who’s in them.

“We try to pick plays that students would be interested in, we go see dramas, musicals, comedy, classics” said Ulmer.

Ulmer and Sierra pick the plays they’ll be watching based on who wrote the plays or who’s in them.

“One of the good things about theater in London is that the theaters are small and you feel that you’re right in the play,” said Ulmer

“Two years ago we saw the play “War Horse” that was exquisite,” said Sierra. During that play the group was seating about five feet from the horse.

“On the first day after arrival, there is an opening dinner. The group meets together for tours of museums, and plays. The rest of the time students are given their free time to explore London. Students are given a one-week pass, so they can travel on the bus or on the underground subway,” said Ulmer

“We have had some students even go to Paris for the day, since it’s a two hours away from London,” said Ulmer.

According to Ulmer, once students go to London they always want to go back and study abroad in Oxford. She has never heard anything bad about the trip from students. “They always have a lot of fun,” said Ulmer.


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