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The smell of teriyaki chicken and the sound of jazz music overtook the jam-packed quad Thursday afternoon.

A variety of clubs partook in the event where their homemade carnival games were being displayed and played.

Booths from the Associated Students, Psychological Services, and the Alpha Gamma Sigma club filled the quad.

The Alpha Gamma Sigma club featured the game Alpha Blaster, where participants tossed different colored beanbag balls through holes made on a foam poster board decorated with paper mache owls.

Throughout the carnival, the smell of teriyaki chicken lingered, as workers from Teriyaki Madness passed out free samples of their rice and chicken to students eagerly awaiting a taste.

One stand out game was a game at the Fencing Club’s booth. Participants wielded a sabre while attempting to pop the pastel colored balloons taped on a wooden plank.

Across the quad a loud smack could frequently be heard as students took turns hitting members of the Puente Club in the face with pies.

“It’s something we did last year and it worked out really well. People can relieve stress by smacking the pie in someone’s face,” Puente Club member Alejandra Rodriguez said.

The Queer Alliance booth drew attention with its vibrant rainbow themed decorations. Inter Club Council representative Anthony Basmadjian greeted everyone with a smile while promoting the club’s American Horror Story themed Big Gay Prom, which took place on Friday, and an upcoming fundraiser being held at Pizza Press.

Those who visited the Queer Alliance table were invited to play a guessing game in which 5 celebrities were shown to participants who had to guess whether or not the celebrity was gay, straight or bisexual.

“A lot of people reply ‘you don’t look gay’ when people come out,” Basmadjian said. “I want people’s perception of the queer community to be more open minded.”

Student Health Services representative Jennifer Portillo hosted a trivia game and raffle at their booth. Students were encouraged to take a guess as to how many packets of lube were in a container as part of the raffle, while pairs of sunglasses were being awarded as prizes for correctly answering trivia questions revolving around student health.

“We have activities to raise awareness of the services we provide,” Portillo said.

One of the many services offered include free condoms to any students who are in need, no questions asked.

“We give out free condoms we leave out on the counter. Students can just grab them and go.” Portillo said.

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