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Students, faculty and alumni from PCC and Art Center College of Design are exclusively given the chance to sell their work to anyone strolling the busy streets of Old Pasadena.In the heart of Old Town Pasadena, the biannual Art Market on Sunday will host dozens of local artists trying to get their name out to the public.

What you should know:

Students take this unique opportunity to meet people who can appreciate their work, with the goal of gaining recognition. According to Richard Hasselberger, PCC student and five-time art market participant, there are quite a few returning buyers from the community. Adding, “The artists who have been [selling] for years know who they are.”

It is of the artists’ interest to sell as much as possible to know how the public reacts to their work; sometimes that is how the price of a work is determined, he said. “If anything, there’s a lot of under pricing.”

First time participant Donna Escobar said she “doesn’t know what to expect, [as far as sales].”
According to Hasselberger, how much an artist prices his or her work is a hint as to what school they represent and their level of experience.

You may notice that some artists make a line of production work, that is, repeated works such as jewelry, glassware, etc. Those types of works are usually most popular.

What you should expect:

You should expect to see designers, photographers, sculptors, ceramicists, and jewelers. Works for sale are all original, one-of-a-kind and are for the most part made by hand. No work is manufactured, or imported. You might be lucky enough to witness an artist working on something on the spot.

In terms of attendance, “Art Center dominates the market,” said Hasselberger. Even so, an artist from PCC can sidestep that fact if their post is located in the alley off the Colorado Blvd. sidewalk, where artists gain the most attention.
The variety of art and creativity truly make this even a sight to see, he said.

What about the location?

The market is located in a one-block open courtyard called One Colorado enclosed by Fair Oaks, Colorado Blvd., DeLacey Ave. and Union Street. Anything from fine dining, sushi, a movie theatre, and a diner are there for your liking.

There are two parking structures: One in the corner of Union and DeLacey, and another on DeLacey between Colorado and Green Street.

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