An operatic performance of "The Magic Flute" by Mozart was performed in June in PCC's Sexson Auditorium.

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An operatic performance of “The Magic Flute” by Mozart was performed in June in PCC’s Sexson Auditorium.

It was directed by Anne Marie Ketchum. The story, told in two acts, tells the tale of two lovers who must overcome magic ordeals to finally be together. It enticed the audience with great orchestra music and great performances that kept them thrilled and interested.

The stage was very well put together, with scenery that made the show come alive. The chemistry between the performers and the orchestra was felt throughout the show.

Derek Rue, music, who played the lead character of Prince Tamino, felt good after the show. “It was a great experience. I will take many benefits from performing Prince Tamino,” Rue said.

The audience had a small 15 minute intermission from the almost three-hour long show. But when it came back, it seemed to be eager to find out the rest of the fairy tale story.

The music was very professional and listening to it was very soothing and calming. The music was also telling the story of the two lovers. There was no need to see the actor’s emotions or expressions, they were simply told by the music.

Dennis Parnell, a professor at Pierce College, came to support the show. “It was a wonderful performance for a two-year college,” he said. ” It was excellent and very nice.”

When the show concluded, the cast and the orchestra received standing ovation from the audience. Friends, students, and family stayed to congratulate the performers and the music talent.

Kimberly Kolieber came to support her son, Patrick Kolieber, who played the sorcerer Sarastro. “Overall, I think it was an extremely well put together production,” she said.     

Papageno, played by Cody Lowry, and Pamina played by Laura Estrada, escape from Sarastro’s palace during “The Magic Flute” in the Sexson Auditorium on Sunday. (Photos by Kari Kase / Courier)

Monostatos, played by Joram Dugay, stands over Pamina, played by Laura Estrada, during “The Magic Flute” in the Sexson Auditorium on Sunday. ()

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