Hillary Mushkin held a presentation and a draw in for Lynne Bermans beginning drawing class on Monday.

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Hillary Mushkin held a presentation and a draw in for Lynne Bermans beginning drawing class on Monday.

Mushkin has been working on an art project since 2003 called the Incendiary Project.  Its premise is if there were a war in Los Angeles what would it look like?

“The more I have dealt with thinking about war, the more questions come up,” said Mushkin

Mushkin told the students that she started the project after the talk of war in Baghdad in 1991.  It raised questions.  She began looking at art from previous wars and comparing them to Los Angeles and how we see war.

After Mushkin’s presentation, the students had an opportunity to show their own perspective during a draw in.  They gathered on the grass in front of Haibeson Hall across the street from the U.S. Recruitment Offices.

The students were encouraged to use whatever perspective they chose.  They sat in silence with charcoal, pencils and rulers, putting their emotions on paper.

Mushkin uses many different materials in her work.  At the event she and students broke out string and measuring tape to map out the distance from the recruitment office to the grass they sat on.

This was a change of pace for the class. An opportunity to expand their viewpoint, while they sat in the sun.

I learned I can do beliefs and opinion through art,” said Francis Ramos, fine arts.

The class is currently working on a homework project based on how we look at space.  “I had Hillary come and speak because she provides an introduction to more experimental drawing opposed to traditional,” said Berman.

“I learned some people can be playful in there drawing,” said Jennifer Steenken, math.

“Hillary has her view but this exercises for the students to have an open range of interpretation,” said Lynne Berman, drawing instructor. 

Mushkin plans to continue working on this project for another eight years.  She is currently working on the project in a series with KCET and has a website which shows her work.

Los Angeles based artist Hilary Mushkin leads a community “draw-in” outside of Harbeson Hall involving students and faculty on Monday, April 30, 2012. (Blair Wells/Courier )

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